Self-consumption and efficiency

For sustainable efficiency

Grupo Enhol offers two different propositions for the installation of this type of project:

  • "Turnkey" mode, where the client makes the investment.
  • PPA" mode, where we ourselves invest in the project in exchange for an undertaking by the client to purchase the power generated by the project itself for a specified price and period.

Grupo Enhol develops any micro-energy project anywhere worldwide. In this way we make our own little contribution to combating climate change, providing fairer access to energy and protecting the environment by using renewable energy sources for a better world.


Energy self-consumption

Generation and self-consumption projects

Solen and Eólica Navarra are the Grupo Enhol vehicles used to invest in large-scale wind and photovoltaic power generation projects (sale of energy via the Pool or PPAs), as well as self-consumption projects in which Solen invests in the installation and sells the electricity to the end consumer.

Generation projects

Our team covers all the stages required for investment in this type of project.

  • Development (technical/administrative, financing, signature of PPAs)
  • Construction
  • Operation

Photovoltaic self-consumption

Electrical energy generation using photovoltaic solar panels for on-site consumption.

This is a practice that can be undertaken by:

Companies, families, property owners' associations, official bodies, etc., employing either a 100% self-consumption format or a mixed format with the surplus being sold to the grid.

Benefits of self-consumption

  • Returns and electricity bill savings from day one.
  • Increased asset value thanks to the inclusion of a photovoltaic self-consumption installation, for both households and companies.
  • Improved competitiveness in the case of companies, by hugely reducing their electricity costs.
  • 100% renewable energy.

Over 20 years of international experience optimising assets and maximising the returns