Renewable Energy

Enhol Group entered the energy business in the 1980’s by installing one of the first cogeneration systems in Spain. Later, in 1993, the group diversified its energy activities by starting the development of wind energy projects, leading to the construction of the first wind farm in 1999 and to the international energy branch in 2004.

The Energy area is currently the biggest part of the Group business and involves activities from development of projects in early stage (“green-field”) to investment, construction, operation and servicing of renewable energy power plants, and wind farms in particular. The Group currently operates 307 MW in several wind farms in Spain, out of those 60 MW in Bulgaria through the local branch Eolica Bulgaria EAD. In addition 54 more MWs  are under construction in Mexico.

Engineering and construction

The department of engineering and construction in Enhol Group is managing the development of the renewable projects from the beginning of the project until the same is operational, starting with the searching of locations with high resource, continuing with the obtaining of permits, license and authorizations, from the different  administrations, that will be necessary for the projects to be operational.

At the same time supervises, controls and coordinates the construction of its projects, which is allowing to achieve the operation in short period of time, with the highest standards of quality, and with thorough costs control

Operation: Control Center

Enhol has developed a project that has the aim to provide to the group with a system that allows the control, management and supervision of all the generating stations in special regime from the center connected to the Spanish Electricity Network (Red Eléctrica Española), optimizing the explotation of the wind farms and reducing the costs of operation and maintenance.

This project allows to control the operation conditions of the projects in remote control, developing a management system of command that avoids the simultaneous and not coordinated operation of different operators and systems which leads to important improvement in ratios and in the operating efficiency.

Wind Energy

Enhol from its beginnings has developed 1,829 MW always with leading technologies and with the best quality in its wind farms. In relation, in 2011, it’s important to mention WF Sierra de Arcas, which is the first wind farm where has been installed V100 of 2MW from Vestas, using our wind farm as presentation of its turbine.

Grupo Enhol currently operates 15 Wind Farms, which add up to a 421.1MW of installed power. In addition to that it has many other projects in the phase of promotion in countries such as Spain, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. The Group is also involved in investigating and evaluating the most suitable regions for the location and expansion of new wind farms. the company always has searched for the implantation of the most advanced technology and that’s why has developed its wind farms with the leading wind turbines manufacturers worldwide.

Eólica Navarra is the reference brand within Grupo Enhol devoted to Wind Energy. This company is in charge of managing all the wind energy companies within the group. It also collaborates with businesses and institutions that: research and develop new wind turbine prototypes, hydrogen projects (batteries made of fuel and hydrogen as an energy sector) and evaluate biomass and waste energy.

Solar Energy

Since the implementation of its first photovoltaic solar plant in 2003, Grupo Enhol has dedicated a great amount of resources to investigating the solar energy sector, both thermic and photovoltaic. All its facilities involve polycrystalline photovoltaic panels and connection inverters.

The Enhol Group transfers the electricity generated at its photovoltaic solar energy plants to an electric grid. It has done so since the inceptions of its very first photovoltaic solar energy plant opened in 2003 in Tudela (Navarra).

Enhol provides services related to all possible applications of solar energy, such as: profitability and feasibility studies, installation training courses, supply of products to meet needs, technical advice, bureaucratic advice regarding installation and subventions, and a long list of other installations.


Biomass is the name given to the fuel obtained directly or indirectly from biological resources. This energy may come from wood, agricultural waste or manure.

The Enhol Group is performing important studies into the use of different technologies permitting the production of electric or thermal energy from different biomass sources (biomethanisation, combustion, gasification, pyrolysis) at different sites in Europe.

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