About Us

We are a corporate group with our roots in Navarre, 100% family-owned by the 4th generation, highly diversified with a presence in various sectors: Agrilivestock, Food, Renewable Energies and Real Estate, with our main business being energy.

We develop all our projects irrespective of the sector involved by applying the family values and philosophy built up over more than 80 years in business. As a Family Business, enterprise is our hallmark.

We maintain a continuous process of innovation (R&D) to adapt to changing times in an agile and effective manner, with the aim of maintaining the utmost quality in our products and services.

The distinctive values for a successful track record are undoubtedly the people accompanying us along this journey, who form part of a stable, efficient and professional team.

Developing numerous projects in

the national and international market

Trayectoria Enhol

Our path
is defined by

a policy of continuous and permanent growth, and thus we undertake all our projects thoroughly as well as meticulously.

Grupo Enhol functions on the basis of an active social responsibility policy, seeking to: contribute to the economic development of the regions it works in, respect and collaborate with local authorities, and fundamentally, operate in a sustainable manner.