Renewable Energy

Grupo Enhol started out in the energy business in the 1980s by installing one of the first co-generation systems in Spain. Later, in 1993, the Group diversified its activities in the energy sector by embarking on the development of wind energy projects, leading to the construction of its first wind farm in 1998 in Cabanillas (Ribera de Navarra) and the start of internationalisation in 2004.

The Energy area is currently the most significant branch of the Group, focusing its efforts on the development, investment, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects from the initial "greenfield" stage. The Group currently operates more than 700 MW of wind power in countries including Spain and, thanks to its internationalisation, Bulgaria and Mexico. Eólica Navarra and Solen are the Grupo Enhol vehicles used to invest in large-scale wind and photovoltaic power generation projects (sale of energy via the Pool or PPAs), as well as self-consumption projects in which Solen invests in the installation and sells the electricity to the end consumer.

Energías Renovables
Energías Renovables

Engineering and construction

Through the INVER subsidiary, Grupo Enhol's Engineering and Construction Department develops renewable energy projects from the outset up to the launch of operations. Beginning with the search for high-resource sites; followed by the administration and issuance of the permits, licences and authorisations required from the various public authorities; right up to operation of the windfarm.

At the same time supervises, controls and coordinates the construction of its projects, which is allowing to achieve the operation in short period of time, with the highest standards of quality, and with thorough costs control.

Asset management:
Control center

Enhol has developed a project through its INVER subsidiary with the aim of providing the Group with a system capable of controlling, managing and supervising all special regime generating plants from a centre connected to the Spanish grid operator, Red Eléctrica Española, optimising exploitation and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

The CCO centre can control the operational status of the facilities remotely, developing a set-point management system which avoids simultaneous and uncoordinated operation of different operators or systems, leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency ratios.

Energías Renovables

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