Semillas Oliver

Semillas Oliver is a traditional agricultural company which has throughout its history been in the business of producing alfalfa seeds of the varieties native to the Ebro Valley which have made a name for themselves in the region: Aragón, Victoria and Capitana, along with such others as Tierra de Campos, Verdal and Sprinter. The company philosophy has since the outset been based on maintaining the characteristics of these varieties, carefully preserving and multiplying these valuable seeds, while handing down the importance of this process to future generations.

It is worth noting that the characteristics of these breeds are essential to production of lucerne in our area, since they have proven to be the most resilient and suitable for both edaphic and climate factors in the area, maintaining optimum productivity during all the lifespan of the crops. Furthermore, the nutritional values and quality of these breeds of lucerne are excellent and there are not are no plagues or any particularly serious disease which affect them. All three breeds of lucerne have similar phenotypic features. Nonetheless, there are differences between them which make them distinguishable, such as the long spacing between knots in the stem of the “Aragón” breed plants or the high amount of branches at the base of the plant in “Capitana” breed.

The process for obtaining the seed takes place under uninterrupted monitoring, from production at the crop up to selecting and bagging. The selection process, both mechanical and manual, takes place at the facilities in Buñuel, hence ensuring purity of the seeds which is endorsed by laboratory tests performed on every batch by official control entities. The bagging procedure takes place right after selection, i.e. the seeds do not leave the premises at any stage of the process.

Semillas Oliver
Semillas Oliver


In 2008, AIMA (Research Association for Improvement of lucerne breeding) ceased its activities ceased and the Association distributed the existing material assets among its partners, including parent material for Aragon, Capitana, Victoria Sprinter and Verdal breeds.

These three breeds were obtained from “Aragón” ecotype by AIMA, Semillas Oliver being a founding partner and providing funds for the association’s activities. In this manner, the company ensured the availability of these three breeds’ pre-base seeds in order to make them multiply from Pre-base stage to Base stage and then from Base stage to R-1 stage. Semillas Oliver never made R-1 multiply since the company considered that obtaining R-2 stage seed would inevitably entail scattering of the plots, hence endangering the purity of the breed in this Category.

For this reason, and on the basis of origins of materials being authenticated, the Spanish Vegetable Diversity Office acknowledged Semillas Oliver as the Keeper of such breeds. Aware of how crucial it is to multiply this material in order obtain high-quality pure-breed seed and achieve germination, this company is currently launched on implementing a project which will enable to obtain subsequent generations of seeds from the abovementioned parent material. For this purpose, the company is strictly complying with the standards established by current laws and regulations in order to avoid any breed-contamination, hence ensuring the purity of the material obtained which shall descend directly from well-known parent material.

This project, still at an early stage in development, is being implemented in a estate where all 5 breeds shall be implanted along with their subsequent generations, establishing an innovative sowing mechanism in our country enabling an excellent traceability.

Seed Varieties

Semillas Oliver has supplied both the domestic and international markets with the following seed varieties.